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Protecting Future

Building Relationships

Protecting Future

We have years of insurance experience helping eager people study for the exam. Oral communication skills can get you to the right people to build  your customer base. Build your own winning team in time.  

You can't predict when an accident is going to happen so being prepared for that when, if it happens to you is the safest rule for protection against future events. 

When you are involved in the insurance industry for this kind of protection, you will get a rewarding feeling each time you hear from a customer thanking you for making sure they had  the coverage. 


Assessing Need

Building Relationships

Protecting Future

Many insurance agents need value when they hire someone to join their team. Let's get in touch today and we'll analyze your insurance suitability. If you are presently a one income household, learn our fast and easy way to increase your income with insurance.


Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Building Relationships

 Everyone has a close circle of friends. Call us today for a personalized business or individual assessment and find out how you can reveal your value to these friends.

In the insurance business your customers become your friends when you stay for many years. This is the result of many changes, children, then schools, graduations, weddings and businesses that they develop and you write the policies for protection.

Our Team


Agent #1

 Ruth was my first sales producer to pass the exam for the Property and Casualty license. I taught her the lessons well on how to be effective in building a customer base.


Agent #2

K. D. was my second sales producer to pass the Property and Casualty exam. His background made him an excellent prospect due to the fact he had been in the Who's Who in America, as a high school senior. He had very little difficulty in understanding what was important in building a book.


Agent #3

 L.R. was our third sales producer and he had no trouble passing the exam within 30 days. He had graduated as the class Valedictorian a decade or so ago. 

The industry is an opportunity waiting for your star to shine. You will have a chance to build a book of business, if you follow your Director.



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